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UX/UI Designer

Client work

2020 - current

Agile Partner

Design team
Nicolas Vardavas
Victor Grégoire
Louis Schandeler
Stefano Giunta

"POST Luxembourg was founded in 1842 as a public service and has been a wholly state-owned company since 1992. It is the country's largest provider of postal and telecommunications services and also offers financial and philatelic services."

POST is viewed as the national Luxembourgish institution, largely thanks to its post offices located throughout the country, used by inhabitants for generations. As the country's leading telecommunications provider, POST is a household name for its inhabitants & cross-border workers. 

Albeit their previous website was the beginning of POST's digital footprint, the overall look & feel lacked cohesion, and business goals tended to trump the user's. With this new project, the design approach changed and became user-centered. To help with this new stance, we created and implemented POST's first Design System, starting with the BtoC website.
The new design approach is introduced slowly but surely in other products, websites, and applications.

Elements of design system (colors, fonts, components,...)
Screens from devices for Post project
Screens for devices for Post project
Screens for smartphones for Post Project
Excerpts for ZeroHeight, our design system, for Post project

My tasks in this project
- prototype & wireframe creation
- user journey mapping
- competitor analysis

- creating user journey map
- persona creation
- user flow conception

- design system component creation, updating & documentation

- responsive UI design
- high fidelity UI prototyping

The most challenging part of this project was - and still is - the Design System. When I began on the project, the product was merely starting. Since I had never been apart of this type of creation process before, everything was new. Even the approach to a design system was: this product is as much for the final customer as it is for the people using it.

From a practical standpoint, the creation of components in Figma required making them flexible for any design template but constraining enough to maintain their main characteristics.
On the other hand, documentation on ZeroHeight was more focused on making a comprehensive and detailed explanation of how & when we use them. We phrased our descriptions to be comprehensible for every collaborator, ranging from those with extensive design knowledge to people with less.

I feel immensely grateful to be one of Post's Design System founders and am excited to see its evolution over the years and projects.

BAMBOO project

The redesigning of the TV + Internet + Landline package

Design of BAMBOO page
Product page design for BAMBOO project

The redesigning of Post's TV offer

Homepage design for PostTV projectChanel list page design for PostTV project
Special channel page design for PostTV projectSport page design for PostTV projectSport event page design for PostTV projectTV program page design for PostTV project