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Hi there, delighted to meet you

Multidisciplinary designer, I believe function and form are indissociable. Therefore, I strive to craft smooth & realistic experiences with a stunning look and feel to provide unique and gratifying experiences for each user.

My name is Inès, but you are more likely to see me under the nickname: inespiegle. It is a mix between my name and "espiègle" which - in french - means playful and mischievous.

I have a quick, focused & problem-solving mind that will shine through my work and designs. Each one is unique, as every project and client is. I endeavor to combine the final customer needs with the client's business goals to achieve a fruitful and profitable digital experience for both.

My favorite quote is "Il n'y a pas de problèmes ; il n'y a que des solutions." meaning "There are no problems ; there are only solutions"


Master's in Digital Communication

2 year technical degree in communication


Amazon Devices
Nov. 22 - Current

Agile Partner
Oct. 20 - Oct. 22

Smile Group
Jan. 19 - Jan. 20

July 17 - Dec. 18

Augmented Acoustics
July 16 - Oct. 16

On a more personal level, here are some things I like

I don't have any crazy, unexpected hobby but I do collect Joker game cards (couldn't tell you why I do that, I just do)

Playing video games
Mostly popular solo games - Borderlands 2, Ghost of Tsushima, God Of War 3, The Witcher 3,... and much more
Listening to (good) music
I believe I have good taste, and you can judge that here :https://spoti.fi/34Qduts
Spending time with my dog
If you want to see Domino as a pup : https://ibb.co/cbSmnFx
Reading books
My favorite authors are Haruaki Murakami (1Q84 series) and Robin Hobb (Realm of the Elderlings series)
Watching The Office
That’s what she said
Drinking coffee
Maybe a little too much

Please email me regarding projects or job inquiries

You can also ask me for pictures of my dog, I will happily oblige