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Pierre Fabre, skincare and healthcare specialist, holds around ten different & discernable brands. With each brand having a specific website replicated for 20 countries, the overall digital experience lacks consistency, resulting in a confusing experience for users & high maintenance costs for the company.As a solution, we proposed a singular website template, flexible enough to allow each brand's identity to transpire but still constraining enough to maintain a solid and cohesive experience.

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UX/UI Designer, Art Director

Design proposal


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Design team
Gabriel Ghnassia
Manuel Velin

Established in the Occitanie region, Pierre Fabre Group manufactures over 95% of its products in France. The group has an unusual positioning: the alliance of pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetics expertise. They sell multiple brands worldwide: Pharmaceutical Care, Naturactive, Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray, René Furterer, A-Derma, etc...

The proposal's end goal was to reduce the number of websites by brand and country. Each one has a different selling method; for instance, you could buy online in one land but not the other, resulting in replicated websites dedicated to each market.Meanwhile, each brand's product possesses various properties to solve an extensive range of healthcare & beauty troubles. Since these brands individually benefit from their reputation and image, maintaining their unique identity & branding was an integral part of this proposal.
So, with all that in mind, our solution needed a structural template allowing each brand to infuse its identity. To illustrate our idea, we chose two brands: Eau Thermale Avène - skincare products specializing in sunscreen - and René Furterer - hair care products oriented towards anti-hair loss.

Mockup of Furterer screens, mobile and desktop
Mockup of Avène screens, desktop & mobile
Mockup of Furterer screens, on mobile
Mockup of Avène screens, on mobile

My tasks in this project
- brief analysis
- market research & analysis

- layout thinking
- art direction

- responsive UI design (mobile, tablet & desktop)

- creation of visual for proposal
- writing design arguments for proposal

Proposal are notorious for requiring considerable work in a short period. So with not one but two identities to consider, it was an even more significant challenge. Especially with those brands: while Avène is warm, inviting, and human, Furterer is professional, efficient, and pristine. The first has orange, warm tones as its primary color palette; the latter has dark green and gold. In the end, a surprising aspect was seeing that the brand's identity shone through quickly with a few tweaks in design.

Réné Furterer

Mobile screens for homepage & product page

Design of Furterer homepage on mobile
Design of Furterer product page on mobile

Mobile screens for homepage & product page

Design of Avène homepage on mobile
Design of Avène product page on mobile