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The idea is simple, ask locals about the sweet spots in town or if you want to meet up thanks to the Mayder App. Having a few design ideas and no logo, Mayder's founders asked my help to create their identity & app design.

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UX/UI Designer,
Art Director

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Imagine moving to a new city or going on holiday to one you've never visited before, wouldn't the best way to discover the city be to ask locals? Well, with Mayder App, you can select a city, create a topic and ask away! Choose a category - travel, food, shopping, art, music, ... - and people logged in the same town will see your question and answer it. So, for example, you could ask about a delicious restaurant, organize a basketball match on the court next to your new apartment, or find the best spot to go dancing.
To make their idea come to life, the founders of Mayder asked us to create their identity, logo, and the app's main screens.

Mobile screens for Mayder app
Mobile screens for Mayder app, emphasize on splash screen
Mobile screens for Mayder app
Mayder logo, a speaker phone with a chat bubble

My tasks in this project
- logo & identity creation

- wireframes

- icon creation

- app UI design

Mayder was the first identity and logo I created for an actual client as a novice designer. With a few sketches and proposals, the clients and I quickly loved the loudspeaker with the chat bubble, which paired well with Mayder - pronounced Mayday, asking for help - and the icon representing talking to someone.
Since we placed the fill in an offset from the stroke, we utilized that concept for all UI elements - e.g., buttons, icons. Also, the UI is simple but colorful, with easily recognizable colors corresponding to the categories.


The redesigning of Post's TV offer

Mayder app screen - Homepage MapMayder app screen - Menu openMayder app screen - Connexion or inscrption
Mayder app screen - Homepage listMayder app screen - Profile pageMayder app screen - Connexion