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Augmented Acoustics

Start-up founded in 2014, Augmented Acoustics created a solution enhancing your experience during a concert. Thanks to their equipment - the Peeble, headphones, and app - you can adapt audio presets like volume, bass, frequencies, balances during a live show to suit your needs.

Close up of a sound board

UX/UI Designer

Internal work


Augmented Acoustics

Design team
Stéphanie Plasse

The app already had a beta with some characteristics when I started my internship, and since AA received their second round of financing, they wished to expand and rework features. However, the app was susceptible to change regularly, so I focused on making it as modulable as possible. First, I broke the app into categories and then spread the features into tabs so each one could live without the other. Second, we focused on the identity and the general look and feel.

Mockups of multiple screens Augmented Acoustics app design
Mockups of connexion/inscrption screens Augmented Acoustics app design
Mockups of checkout screens Augmented Acoustics app design
Flatlay with headphones, Peeble (Augmented Acoustics device) and phone with the app displayed

My tasks in this project
- prototype & wireframe creation
- user journey mapping
- competitor analysis

- creating user journey map
- persona creation
- user flow conception

- design system component creation, updating & documentation

- responsive UI design
- high fidelity UI prototyping

The startup trusted me, a novice designer, to create their entire app, and I was eager. Stephanie, the project leader, was right by my side to help me navigate the intricacies of app designs. Finally, with a lot - a whole bunch - of design iterations, we arrived at the clean, modulable but distinctive app that I'm still proud of six years later.


The redesigning of Post's TV offer

Design for Augmented Acoustics homepageDesign for Augmented Acoustics artist page
Design for Augmented Acoustics personal profile pageDesign for Augmented Acoustics checkout final pageDesign for Augmented Acoustics personalise your profile page