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Founded in 1899, Maison Bouchara started selling textiles but expanded towards home decor for every room. As the technology used for their website became inoperative, they took this opportunity to redo it all together and prioritize the e-commerce aspects.

Scene of multiple vases displayed

UX/UI Designer, Art Director




Design team
Gabriel Ghnassia
Anne Thai

Bouchara, a House founded in 1899, has always maintained a passion for beautiful weavings, inspired prints, elegant jacquards, unique and original pieces regarding artisanal know-how from here or elsewhere.

They asked Smile to assemble a proposal for their new infrastructure and design needs. Since their brand did not desire to alter its image, we focused on UX inputs and implementations to drive more online sales.

Mockup of Bouchara desktop screens
Mockup of Bouchara inspiration space
Mockup of Bouchara menu opened
Mockup of Bouchara mobile screens

My tasks in this project
- UI design

- responsive design

- art direction

- creating visuals for proposal

As we started the proposal, we identified two goals to facilitate. First, create various themes and collections and add an unmistakable identity to each.
Second, reinforce Bouchara's interior decor recommendation and expertise. We strongly recommended pushing more trend books and helping customers create areas dedicated to a style.

Bouchara design's

Screens of our proposal with the home, product page, inspiration pages and an article.

Design of Bouchara's homepageDesign of Bouchara's inspiration pages list
Design of Bouchara's product pageDesign of Bouchara's inspiration page